About us

Hello and welcome to our site where we hope you will enjoy your time here.

A little about us.

I am Jay, I am the admin and producer. I work full time but when I ain’t working, I am either spending time with my sons or down at the gym with my friends. I’m 36 but a big kid at heart, I love planning things like days out and activities at home for me and my sons. Creating memories and having adventures is what life is all about.

So this website is our new adventure and we hope you will be part of it too. A friendly site run by myself, with contributions from both my sons and my good friend.

My sons are Lucas and Logan and are growing up way too fast for my liking. They are 12 and 11. They don’t live with me full time but I certainly have them as much as I can. Trouble is, now that they are getting older, they are getting too cool for dad.

My good friend Duane, who I have known since I were 17, is like family. He is loved by all my family and gets involved with days out, special occasions and activities towards this site and our YouTube channel.

About us

Here we all are together at Duane and Lucas’s favourite football team. Bolton Wanderers.

About our site

We will be uploading Movie related content. Reviews, news, debates, memorabilia,  soundtracks and videos.

We will be doing lots of game related posts including board games, outside games and challenges. Talking about our favourite games, characters, consoles and lots more.

In the beyond part, there will be a variety of things such as Gym blogs, Our days out, special events we do or go to and other things that we feel we want to share.

We will try to make this as fun and entertaining as possible, and we hope you get involved and enjoy this new adventure with us.

There will be some links and adverts around the site and if you click on them, they will direct you to various sites. I may get a commission but that is all. I just wanted to let you know. Thanks.

Thank you for reading this and feel free to get in touch and follow us on other social medias.