B-Daman crossfire game

B-Daman is a fun game for two players so we all took it in turns to play each other once. The Winner got points and whoever had the most points at the end became the champion, B-Daman.

Me and my sons love this game. Its a fast game and you need to get all your marbles back and loaded quickly so you can continue to blast the wall. If you are slow, the other player will win.

The way we play it, is we fire the marbles at the wall blasting the yellow bricks away. Then we try and blast as many red bricks into the opponents half before they get the chance. Whoever blasts the most red bricks into the opposite half wins.

Who is the B-daman game for?

This is a fun game for all the family. It doesn’t take long to set it up and the game itself, doesn’t last long which means if there’s a few family members, they wont need to wait long to blast them bricks away.

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B-damanboard gameGameBdaman

There were lots of battles, some were really close too, but here is the final results.

Game results

Lucas Is victorious in battle this time, after a courageous effort from Me, Logan and Lucas’s friend Marcus. Duane on the other hand, poor poor effort.

Lucas won all 3 games, scoring top marks. 12 points.

Myself, Logan and Marcus all won 2 games each, scoring 6 points.

Duane was unlucky on the battlefield this time, losing all 3. Zero points.

Well done Lucas, you are B-daman. The champ, the dude, the Winner.

So, Who will win B-daman next time to become the champion, We shall see.

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