Big Kids Day Out

The Sun is out so we thought we would make the most of it. Big kids day out involves us playing football, climbing trees, crossing rivers and even saving a ball from the water. Yes I’m serious.

So just an ordinary sunny day for us. Good times as always, or at least we try to have.

It started out where we was meant to pack a picnic and go to a lake for a walk and paddle. We had to change them plans due to a friend backing out and us having no transport. It wasn’t a problem though as we ended up having such a good day. The unplanned ones always end up being really good.

Creating memories and having little adventures with my boys are what life is all about. Getting nice weather for once is always a bonus for these type of days too. Everyone seems happier and more motivated with a little sunshine.

Big kids day out

You can’t beat a nice day out in the sun. Some cold drinks and some ice pops to complement the day. Kids are running around happy, playing and getting along with each other and dad is stood smiling watching. Happy moments.

Take a look at the video below and you will understand my comments.


I love days and moments like this. We had such a laugh, even when the ball came right at me and hit the camera, we just all burst out laughing. So good.

We had a little match, 2 vs 2 and we were all that bad it was funny. We would never get to playing for our local Sunday league team, let alone making it to the World cup for our country. England!

As a child myself, I used to climb over that tree so as soon as my sons could walk, I were always taking them down to the river. Showing them the tree, skimming stones and crossing the river. I had some of the best times outside as a kid and it’s a shame more kids don’t get outside more instead of on their computers.

There’s so much to see and do and that’s why I like to make the most of it when we get a bit of nice weather. You have too as we never know when the sun will be back. Big kids day out are always better with sunshine.

One of the things we like to do down at the river is make our own boats and race them down stream. Stay tuned for this as a future post. We have lots of fun building them and then seeing how far they get.

Thank you for reading this post and we hope you have had a nice bank holiday weekend too.

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