Bullying and Loneliness

Bullying and loneliness are both horrible things that we have to hear about, and deal with on a daily basis. They are both serious subjects individually but We decided to make a video and post about them.

I know bullying and loneliness are not really the kind of videos that we normally do. We try to make you smile and laugh but I feel I needed to share this with you. Life is hard and can be cruel, I bet it’s even harder for kids at times.

I hate bullies, there is just no need for anyone to make someone else feel upset. It’s not hard to be nice so I just don’t get why they do it. It’s not big and It’s definitely not clever.

There are different forms of bullying but in our video, we show physical and verbal. These are probably the most common ones that happen and are both horrible. Getting picked on, assaulted and made to feel scared with the physical side and then being called, made to feel low and worthless with the verbal is just wrong and uncalled for. What goes through their minds is beyond me.

I never had to deal with bullying as I grew up with a big family who were all older than me. I were fine but I hear so many stories about it and feel so sad for them. Including people like my son, my niece and other children who I’m close with. It’s so cruel. Life can be hard enough without having to deal with things like this.

Bullying and Loneliness

Loneliness is just as bad too, being on your own, having no one to play with, no one to talk to and feeling all alone in life is bad for the mental state of your mind. As a child, feeling all alone, having no one to play with has got to be the worst thing ever. All I wanted to do as a child is play with my friends. Feeling lost in life, upset, down and lonely can happen to any of us and It isn’t nice at all.

It’s not hard to be nice, why can’t we see that person on their own and ask them if they are alright and if they want to join in. Why do we just walk on by and leave them be? We don’t have to give them anything other than a few seconds of our time. It could make their day, their week but most of all, it could eventually save their life. Who knows.

Here is our video, It’s not much but here it is.

We hope it sends out a message that these things are very serious and very important. We know life can be hard and that is why we make silly and stupid videos normally. We want to make others smile. We want our channels and here to be a place you can come to get away from the seriousness of life and all your problems.

But this video is not a silly one, this is us saying, NO to bullying and NO to leaving people out. It’s not hard to be nice, try it and make someones day.

Thank you very much for reading and watching. We hope you enjoyed it in a different way than our normal stuff.

Thank you.

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