Chace Crawford Lifestyle 2020

Chace Crawford is a famous American actor, model, and voice actor who got famous by starring in the popular “Gossip Girl” show and here is Chace Crawford Lifestyle 2020.

Now he is playing in the also popular series “The Boys” in Amazon Prime.

If you want to know more about him, read our detailed article about him!

Basic Info
Chace Crawford

Christopher Chace Crawford was born on 18 March 1985, so he is 35 years old.

The actor was born in Lubbock, Texas in the United States.

He’s 1,83m or 6ft and weighs 79kg or 175lbs.

lubbock texas
Chace Crawford father

His father, Chris Crawford is a dermatologist.

His mother, Dana Crawford Plott, is a teacher.

Chace Crawford mother
Chace Crawford sister
Chace Crawford family

Chace Crawford family (above)

Chace Crawford has a sister named Candice Crawford! (left)

Is Chace Crawford married or in any relation?

Although Chace was in a relationship the previous year, he broke up lately, so as we know, he is single right now.

What religion is Chace Crawford?

Chace Crawford is a semi-devout Southern Baptist.

What’s Chace Crawford Net Worth?

Online sources estimate that the net worth of Chace Crawford is almost $6 Million!

It’s pretty amazing, right?

Chace Crawford Lifestyle/Biography 2020


Chace Crawford may haven’t played in a lot of popular series or movies but has played in some really qualitative ones. Let’s see below:

Gossip Girl

He played in the Gossip Girl that is known from almost everyone, right? For those who don’t know what it is about though, we will give you a brief description. The main story is about some privileged teens that live on the Upper East Side of New York and try to hide their lives from a blogger who is dedicated to following them…Everywhere!

The Boys

“The Boys” is one of the most popular shows on Amazon Prime.

It’s for sure the best show that Chace Crawford has starred in. It’s about a group of (not regular) guys that try to take down superheroes who are using their superpowers… in the wrong way!


Although Chace Crawford wasn’t a protagonist of this film, we mention it’s his latest movie appearance. Inheritance was released on 22 May of 2020 and it shows us the story of a wealthy family that gets through a crisis after the death of its patriarch. The daughter of the patriarch carries on a great secret that can destroy the future of the whole family!

What will be the next movie or series of Chace Crawford?

We don’t know for sure what will be the next big appearance of Chace Crawford, but we are pretty sure that the show he stars on, “The Boys”, will have more seasons coming up and he will be a part of the team for a while!

So, if you are a fan of him we recommend you watch the series and stay tuned to our website and channel for more amazing info!

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