Fortnite yes or no?

Fortnite is probably the most played game around at the moment. It has people crazy for it whether its for the gameplay or for the dancing moves. It is free but you make in game purchases and it has took off by storm. My sons love it and keep asking me to play. I’m still yet to play it but I may do soon. I normally play Call of Duty or Tom Clancy games.

I’d like the game to be more realistic and don’t quite like how you can build and run at the same time. This is just my view and the amount of fans it has, including my two sons, Id say i’m outnumbered haha. All good though.

Here is our first of many Fortnite videos, let me know if you like this game too or have you tried it and didn’t like it? Let us know.


What did you think? Have you heard about this game before and have you seen some of the dances they do from it?.

I’m not sure this game is going to be one of my favourite ones but I will definitely have a try. My sons will be happy to hear that.

Its either a yes or no. I will report back once I have tried it and hopefully you will have sent in some comments too and we can compare.

Here are some of my sons game plays from his channel. Please check them out and get his views up. Thank you.

This next one, I advise you to turn the volume down.

So as you can see, there’s lots to do and there’s so many people enjoying it so we might actually like it too. Maybe its time to give it a try. Let me know.

Do you have a favourite dance yet?

That is it for now, we hope you have enjoyed our post and are having a lovely day. Thank you for watching and reading our post.

Thank you.


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