Greatest Showman

After Months of hearing about The Greatest Showman, Months of people telling me I need to watch it. I finally took my seat to watch and see what everyone has been talking about.

Before I give my opinion and my review, here is a little bit about what the movie is about, taken from IMDB.

Orphaned, penniless but ambitious and with a mind crammed with imagination and fresh ideas, the American Phineas Taylor Barnum will always be remembered as the man with the gift to effortlessly blur the line between reality and fiction. Thirsty for innovation and hungry for success, the son of a tailor will manage to open a wax museum but will soon shift focus to the unique and peculiar, introducing extraordinary, never-seen-before live acts on the circus stage. Some will call Barnum’s wide collection of oddities, a freak show; however, when the obsessed showman gambles everything on the opera singer Jenny Lind to appeal to a high-brow audience, he will somehow lose sight of the most important aspect of his life: his family. Will Barnum risk it all to be accepted? Written by Nick Riganas 

Starring Hugh Jackman, one of my favourite actors, who played one of my favourite characters Wolverine. He has been in some brilliant movies over the years too. Really talented.


The Greatest Showman also stars Zac Efron who my little niece loves and watches all his movies constantly and Zendaya, who my son has a crush on.

So I just had to watch it and see.

The Greatest Showman

I admit, I don’t normally watch musicals. Not that I don’t like them but It’s just not the type of movies i go for. But I seen the trailer for this and right away I said, I wanna see this. Then my son Lucas went to watch it with his friends and left me out. I know right. So I left it and had to listen to my family and friends telling me how awesome it is. So I watched it, again with Lucas and Logan.

I have to say, It wasn’t as good as I thought, It were so much better. I loved it. The music is awesome, the actors are awesome and the story is awesome. It was a feel good movie and leaves you wanting to watch it again and again. I definitely will be doing too.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I urge you to go and see it. The music alone is worth hearing and seeing the dancing that goes with it makes it even more special. Trust me its worth it.

So as you can see, my review of the greatest showman is all good, all positive. I honestly enjoyed it and can’t believe it took me this long to go and see it.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. My next review will be Ready Player one.

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