Guess The Movie

Guess the Movie is back with the fifth instalment from JR Productions. It is where we act out a few scenes from a movie and see if you can guess it.

If you have seen the previous ones you should know that we are amazing actors. It’s almost like you are watching the real thing. Only joking, we ain’t actors and do this just for fun and giggles. Life is too serious at times and we just want to have good times.

This one is quite easier than the others as there is a big giveaway in it. Can you guess it?

Guess the movie

We took this up a level too from the previous ones and we dressed up. The plan is to get better and better and hopefully make some short films along the way.  Still making these of course and will be doing prizes for the first to comment with the correct answer. This will be over on our YouTube channel so please if you haven’t already, please subscribe so you can play.

If you are a regular fan, which guess the movie do you like best? Have you got them all right so far? Did you find them hard or easy?

If you are one of our five fans, please check out our merchandise that we have made. If you purchase, we will get a commission. So thank you even if you just take a look.

We have a Facebook page and a Facebook group page that we are trying to get going too so please come and say hello.

Anyway I just want to say thank you very much for all your support. It means a lot to us and we really appreciate it. We promise to up our game for you and continue to make regular videos.

Thank you very much,

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