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Guess the movie quote is one of our new features. We think it will run very well with our guess the movie and guess the movie scene playlists.

Each video will be added to this post so that they are all in the same place for you to enjoy.

We hope you will take part in these as we think it is more fun trying. Getting involved with our community, having fun is what we are trying to build here.

We will say five movie quotes from five different movies and all you have to do is guess. These will be short and simple but we hope you will enjoy them.

Here is the ones we have made already and we will continue to add them.

How did you do? Did you manage to guess any of the five movie quotes? Hopefully they wasn’t too easy. Here are five new movie quotes. Please remember to like the video and comment with your answers.

Did you do better or worse on these guess the movie quotes? Did you like these ones, if so please subscribe so you can be the first to try them. Here are five new ones.

These were very easy right? Am I making them too easy. Should I up them for all you movie lovers? Here are five more to test your knowledge.

How did you find these ones? There were some easy peasy ones in there plus some harder ones right? Maybe you are too good at these. Have you tried our Guess the movie scenes where we act out the scenes from five movies? They are for the ultimate movie fans and seem hard.

Here are five more guess the movie quote.

Guess the movie quote

These must of been harder as not many have guessed them. Did you get any correct? Which guess the movie quote has been your favourite so far? Are there any quotes you knew straight away from your favourite movie?

Let us know what movies you like and we will do some quotes from them and test your knowledge.

Now for a special Guess the movie quote.

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