Guess the movie scene

Hello and welcome to guess the movie scene where me, my sons and our friend act out scenes from five different movies and hopefully you can guess them. Guess the movie scene follows on from our other videos of guess the movies and our soon to come videos, guess the movie quote.

As we get more and more popular, we plan on really upping our game. We plan to invest on props, outfits, lighting, sound and other actors. Planning on making better quality video edits too with Adobe premiere pro cc suite.

We upload all our videos to YouTube first and this has now been out a few weeks. No one at this time has yet to guess all five movies correctly, can you be the first? can you be the winner? Have a try and see how you get on. Comment on our YouTube video if you know them. We welcome all comments.

Guess the movie scene

Have you watched it? Did you manage to guess the movie scene from all five movies? We are very good actors ain’t we haha. It’s all just fun but we hope you did well or at least enjoyed it. We plan on releasing these every week as well as uploading other videos throughout the week too. We will try and add them to the website on the same day we upload them to YouTube giving everyone a chance.

So far we have done eight guess the movies and just this one of guess the movie scene. This has proven to be the hardest of them all so far and we are happy with how it’s going.

If there are any movies you would like to see us act and made in to a guess the movie then please comment below and we will see what we can do.


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