Hallmark Christmas Movies Premieres This Week

Come one, who isn’t a fan of Christmas movies, right?. Although the Christmas holidays are roughly 2 months away, Hallmark as always wants to give every Christmas fan, a bit of extra happiness!.

So the famous channel releases its new Christmas movies in late October. With that being said, this is the first week of Hallmark 2020 Christmas Premieres and we are here to give you info about every movie that will be released during the next week!

October 24: Jingle Bell Bride
Jingle Bell Bride

Starring Julie Gonzalo and Ronnie Rowe Jr. the plot has to do with a wedding planner played by Julie Gonzalo that after traveling to a small town, meets a handsome guy that helps her around.

October 24: Christmas Tree Lane
Christmas Tree Lane

With Alicia Witt and Andrew Walker as main stars of the film, that can’t go wrong. The story follows a music store owner played by Alicia Witt that falls in love with a guy (Andrew Walker). The only problem here is that Andrew has a connection with the person that is responsible for the demolition of the Tree Lane shopping that Witt tries all that time to save.

October 25: Chateau Christmas
Chateau Christmas

After returning to her hometown for the holidays, a beautiful world-renowned pianist spends some time with her ex and find out many things…

October 25: Deliver By Christmas
Deliver By Christmas

This one’s plot is pretty interesting! A bakery owner played by Alvina August, falls for a client that has never met in person. She has also met and being charmed by another man (in person). The fun part is that these two men are actually the same person, called John, and being played by Eion Bailey. Josh is a widower who has recently moved into the town with his son.

If you enjoyed the Premieres list, you can watch the other half, in our YouTube video about the Hallmark Christmas Releases for this week! Click HERE!

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