I want to be a YouTuber | a Filmmaker

I want to be a YouTuber, a filmmaker and create lots of amazing content. I want to shoot, edit and create content so good that Hollywood will come calling.

Okay so I’m joking about Hollywood but I do want to create some amazing content to share. The thing is, I only have my mobile phone and a video editing app to use. It has done alright up to now, but I feel to take it to the next level I need more equipment.

I sit on my couch with my laptop and do it all there. It has been fine doing it this way, but It’s not very professional at all. I need somewhere to work away from where I relax and chill, I need a proper desk to sit at with a proper program to edit my videos. I need proper lighting, props and outfits for different characters we play.

So I want to up my content, make it better and I have decided to buy some things to help. In this post I am going to show you the items that I am thinking about getting. I am a newbie at being a YouTuber and a filmmaker so if you can help with any of the items, feel free to get in touch and let me know. Thanks.

So what items do I want?

Here are a few of the items I think I need now. These are from Amazon and contain affiliate links.

lighting  green screen youtuber filmmaker pegs powerdirector

Here are some from Ebay and these contain affiliate links.

green screen  green screen green screen green screen  screen green screen

That’s the green screens but I need some extra things such as these.

mic  mic mic mic mic mic mic mic mic mic mic mic

I don’t have a clue which one is any good, so i have put a selection here. They all come with good ratings, I just need to choose one.

Then there are the cameras. These are the expensive ones from my list of things so I may need to save up a little. I want a very good one. I don’t see the point in buying a cheap one but I will put a few here in case I like one.

camera camera camera camera camera camera camera camera camera  camera camera youtube kit camera

Now I am thinking that I am going to need a waterproof camera for my holidays. Something like these. If I want to be a YouTuber, then I need lots of these things.

camera camera

Other things that I might need to make good content.

props prop memory card whiteboard message desk desk desk desk desk bingo money fancy dress

I want to be a YouTuber

I think this is enough for now. There is enough to choose from and I have covered quite a lot. Props and things like this can be picked up along the way.

Can you think of anything else that I might need for my journey of becoming a Youtuber and filmmaker?

I hope you have enjoyed reading about what I want and hope you will come back again. Please sign up for our email so you can be notified when new content is released.

Thank you and goodbye for now.

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