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I have decided to re decorate my home and do some interior design. Give it a home makeover. I have had ideas in my head for sometime now, so It is time to actually do something about them.

My current place is a little under average. Over the last few weeks, months, I’ve let it slip a little in the upkeep of it. I am normally very clean and tidy and like things in their place. At the moment, everything is everywhere and it now looks like a total mess.

So in this post, I’m going to show you around my current place and talk about what I’m going to do to each room. I will show you some of the items I have bought and plan to keep, as well as items I plan to buy.

As we started with showing you the kitchen first, we will start with the interior design of that room first.

The Kitchen

It is probably the most complete room which I don’t want to change too much. It needs touching up on the painting and some shelves putting up, but other than that it just needs a few new gadgets for me to play with in there.

I am sticking with the black theme as I just love black and think it looks smart and cool. I don’t know whether to put some curtains or some blinds up? What is the in trend at the minute? I want my place looking trendy and cool like me of course. Joking.

blinds  blinds blinds blinds

These are the blinds I am looking at and can’t really find curtains that stand out to me. Also I wouldn’t of normally looked at the last blinds but my mate has some and they look really nice. So maybe them.

Next I need some shelves so i can keep things tidy and in their place.

shelves shelves shelves shelves

These are some of the ones I like, I really like the ones in the third picture. These are really nice, plus the rest are all smart too.

The breakfast table I am thinking of building it, but here are some that I am considering if I don’t.

table table table table

Now I know the last one isn’t really a breakfast table but you could use it for one too. Plus how cool does it look and a secret table when folded up. The first picture is my first choice though, that does look very nice.

Here is my favourite items I already have and use almost everyday.

microwave blender

So that is about it for the Kitchen. There is little things like spice racks, recycling bins and utensils that I will pick up too. I will show you my shopping journey too if you would like.

The Front room

This is also known as the lounge, the sitting room and the main room, but I just call it the front room. This is the room I spend the most time in, so I will make this as awesome as I can.

stand stand stand stand stand stand stand stand

I absolutely love these and I can’t make up my mind about which one to get. I want it in black no matter which one, but it’s so hard trying to choose. Once set up, my place will look so cool.

Another tough decision I need to make is which corner sofa do I want?

sofa sofa Sofa sofa

I’ve never had a corner sofa before but how I’ve designed my front room in my head, it looks good. I may go down the route of getting a 3 + 2 set, or even 3 single recliners so we can sit in style. Lets see.

Next I want a sideboard to go in between the two doors. It can’t be too wide as one of the doors opens inwards. Something like these will go with my TV unit above. This will also be in black, the images are just the style I like.

sideboard sideboard sideboard  sideboard

These, along with laminate flooring are the main things I am getting. I will also need wall paper, pictures for on the walls. a nice stylish lamp and maybe blinds too.

The Hallway

This is going to be my geeky little project. I want movie pictures, movie memorabilia and stylish features throughout there so instead of putting it all on this post, I am going to give it it’s own post. In my head it looks awesome. I can’t wait to start this.

The Bathroom

The bathroom has only recently had a little makeover, so it won’t need much doing at all in terms of decorating. It is more like a few shelves and some extra features like these.

shower  shower shower shower toilet toilet toilet toilet

Next will be my room but this will be done last due to on going work to sort the damp out. There’s no point buying anything for it yet so I will concentrate on the others first.

The Boys bedroom

In here it needs probably just as much work as the front room. They want it decorating in two colours each. They might change their mind yet. For now though, here are the beds they want along with the wardrobes.

bed bed bed bed wardrobe wardrobe wardrobe bedside

That is all the main things shown and we will be picking one of these shown here for our makeover. The hard part is choosing one from each category, but at least they are now narrowed down to just four.

We hope you have enjoyed this post and as we start this interior design campaign, we will keep you updated with videos over on our YouTube page. Please subscribe and follow our journey, share it and come and say hello. We would like to here from you and hear about your makeovers or decisions like this.

Look out for more videos of our journey. Thank you and Goodbye for now.



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