Lego Battle Challenge

Hello, We recently got the Lego back out of the storage area and have started to build and create videos. This post is the first of many Lego videos and blogs that we have planned for you and we hope you enjoy our content.

This video see’s lots of different Lego figures battling it out to become the winner of the last man standing challenge. Who will be victorious on the first challenge?

Some of the contenders are the mighty Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Spiderman, The Ninja Turtles, Harry Potter, Yoda, Robin Hood, Thor, Lex Luther, General Zod, Ursa, Hawk Eye, Jar Jar Binks, Bane, Shredder, Splinter and Santa.

yoda jedi thor

Harry potter Harry potter

These are just some of the sets of Lego you can get. There is some awesome sets with so many to choose from.

So who do you want to win? Who will fall first once the water touches them?.

Well did you pick the winner? I didn’t see that coming. I backed my favourite, Superman.

So not only is it fun to build and create with Lego, but you can also use it like me and create your own ways to enjoy. Look out for our future Lego videos and challenges too. Maybe you can share your own ideas with us too. Get in touch.


Our next Video for will be of us building one of our many sets that we have. We will do it piece by piece and talk about its features, or we might get side tracked and do another Lego Battle with other characters. Let us know which one you would like.

So Santa won. I still can’t believe it. He were a late entry to the challenge too. Well done Santa (keep me on his good list, so I get presents).

Thank you for watching and we hope you enjoyed it. Please sign up to our mailing list and follow us on our other social media pages too.

Thank you.

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