Ever since I were a young boy, I have always loved Lego. It were always the first on my list to Santa Clause. Trying to decide which set I wanted was the hardest part, there is So much to choose from. I played with it for hours and hours building all sorts. I were the master at it, a right good builder. That’s what I thought anyway.

My Lego collection got bigger and bigger over the years and out of all my toys, Lego was the one I never got rid of. I saved it and put it away ready for if I ever had children. Then here came Lucas and Logan, my two amazing sons.

I bought them lots of Lego and gave them my old Lego, making their collection even bigger. The video below shows our collection.

So why have I videoed this? Well what we are going to start doing for our YouTube channel is showing our builds, our creations as well as making other Lego videos and we thought we would share these too on our website for you to see.

There are so many different sets in our collection and they range from 1980’s to 2015. I have most of the manuals still but not them all. Some got ripped over the years as a child but we can use the internet for them ones.

We will share them all and video us building them from start to finish, showing you the final product and how it looks with its features.

There will be some of our own creations too that we made, sharing new ideas and how to build them. Some are basic things but some are genius.


So we hope you will enjoy this new part to our site. Lego never gets boring no matter how old we get so sit back and enjoy. Here is a link to the movie too if you haven’t seen it. It is funny.

Thank you for reading and there will be some affiliate links throughout this post.

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