Movie News 8/8/20

In this article, we will see the most interesting movie news from the week!

1) Disney Paid Original Beauty & The Beast Creators Nothing for the Successful Remake
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The live-action remake of the famous fairy tale “Beauty & The Beast” that was released in 2017 was a great success both in reviews and box office.

After 3 years of its release, we are finding out that the original creators of the Beauty and the Beast were not paid a single pen after the success of the remake. It’s pretty frustrating if you think it!

2) New DC FanDome Teaser Guarantees Biggest Stars in The Multiverse
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DC has found its own unique way to announce its new films in 2020.

Due to the global pandemic, the famous company decided to skip Comic-Con (that is the usual place where the biggest companies announce new movies/series/games every year) and present it’s “roster” for 2020 in a virtual way.

The DC “FanDome”, as it has been named, will take place on August 22 and will have a duration of 24 hours.

During this time, DC ensured the fans that will update them for every project that will happen in the next year.

Fans are very excited as big names like Zack Snyder, James Gunn, Dwayne Johnson, and all the members of the suicide squad will show up!

3) Netflix announces that Doctor’s Who director will also take on Sandman
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Tob Haynes has done a great job so many years directing the very popular Doctor Who shows.

Now Netflix announced that he will also direct the promising show “Sandman” that is based on the homonym DC comic.

We should mention here that the story of Lucifer in its series, is also based on the same comic.

There were a lot of attempts to make a live-action series for Sandman but all were unsuccessful until now.

Netflix is for sure determined to deliver a great show to its audience.

So, fans are justified excited!

4) Iris West Comes Back for the Season 7 of Flash
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The new poster for The Flash season 7 is finally released and it features Iris West.

Iris was a key factor to season 6‘s end (No Spoilers Here) and she will probably be in season 7 too.

The poster came with the exact caption: “Heroes will be reborn.”

Pretty interesting….right?

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