Movie Night

Growing up, movie night was always a big thing for me. Getting ready to watch the next big blockbuster and being allowed to stuff our faces with junk food. This post contains affiliate links to Amazon which may get me a commission.

Going to the cinema was the ultimate treat for movie night, but It wasn’t often we would go there due to the prices and how many of us there was.

So we would get some sweets, crisp and pop and rent the new movies from the local video shop. Making movie night a treat. We loved it.

So now I have son’s, I still take them to the cinema but I also enjoy watching movies at home.

As I’m always trying to think of new things to do for them, I came up with an idea.

Why not create movie night again for my son’s, but this time, try and make it like the cinema.

So this is what I did. I created our own cinema, we called it the J-Plex. I created some ticket passes to give my son’s. To get in of course.

Movie night

I bought lots of sweets and treats and made a little shop. Bought some popcorn tubs to give it the little extra effect.

I then put a few trailers of the latest movies together, ready for before the movie. I pushed the sofa up closer to the TV so it felt we was there. Set up my surround sound so it was perfect for the sofa. Put my Amazon firestick in, put on Amazon prime and we was ready.

Movie night is ready

It was ready, movie night at the j-Plex was set up and waiting for the customers (my sons) to arrive with their tickets. I was happy.

The boys turned up, their little faces lit up. I had also given them some money so they could pretend to buy from the cinema shop. They loved it all.

It goes to show that doing little things like this can add even more joy to good times. I was even happier.

We have since done it a few more times. Each time we’ve really enjoyed movie night at the j-Plex. Our cinema at home and Good times with my son’s. Perfect.

Going to take them to the actual cinema this weekend though. So many good movies to see.

Thanks for reading.

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