Favourite Movies Growing Up

Favourite movies Growing up

My favourite movies growing up were Animation ones, until I started watching proper ones. I’d rent them on video from my local paper shop, getting all excited about which ones to choose for over the weekends. Making sure I took them back on time, so I didn’t get charged for late payment. Growing up there were so many¬† favourite movies.

It didn’t matter what genre they were. I’d read the back, look at the pictures or even just went off the title. I’d watch anything.

There was also a time where every now and again, my friends mum would have movie night and would put one of the latest releases on. We would all sit on the sofa and on the floor, Basically where we could find, depending on how many of us there were. I remember I used to get all excited when the trailers would start just before the movie.

As I got older I were allowed to start watching older rated movies. This is where I was introduced to my favourite movies growing up. Watching the likes of Jean Claude van Damme, Steven Seagal, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Wesley Snipes, Mel Gibson and many many more. I was in my element watching action movies. I loved the excitement of it all.

My mum used to like Van Damme and his movies. Her favourite was kickboxer, especially the scene in the pub where he gets drunk and dances. She would come home after a night out at her local club and ask me to put it on. Then she would get up and try to copy his dance moves. So funny.

She is sadly no longer with us, but my mates still talk about them Saturday nights with her. Loved it.

So my favourite movies growing up changed over time as you can imagine and still do to this day. As new movies are released so often, there’s great movies to see all the time but, there’s still the ones from growing up that stay there on my all time favourite list. The type of movies where I can watch over and over again and never get bored.

So I’m going to tell you some of my favourite movies growing up and give you a little explanation as to why. It could be because it’s a fantastic movie, or just something as simple as I like the soundtrack.

So here goes, let’s do this but I would just like to say too that there will be some affiliate links throughout. If you click on them, it will direct you to a different site that sells that product.¬† I might get a commission that is all.

So now for the favourite movies growing up.

Bloodsport has definitely got to be my absolute favourite movie growing up. I loved martial arts and this movie has so many different styles of fighting. I love the training scenes and used to copy them in my back garden. I’ve seen it so many times I know most of the words and It’s my go to movie when I just want a quick choice. He plays tricks with bricks.

Best of the best is very close to Bloodsport as my favourite movies growing up. Again the training scenes and the fights are awesome. Me and my friends loved this so much we decided to travel to Korea and compete in the tournament. We used to think we were the actors in the movie. We only got a few streets away and decided to post a postcard saying we were in Korea. Fair to say we was at home days before the postcard arrived. We were about 8 at the time and didn’t know how to compete let alone how to get to another place. We called it travelling by walking the streets finding new places. I love this film. So many good memories.

Ace Ventura pet detective. Now I don’t remember how old I was when I first seen this movie, but I loved it. I used to copy his sayings and say them to my sister’s and mum all the time. Allll righty then… As soon as my kids started watching things, this was one of the first. It’s silly and so funny. Great film for families.

Top Gun. I wanted to be Maverick and I wanted to be a fighter pilot. I love this movie even to this day. This is another one that I will put on for a quick pick. I Never get bored of it and also, the soundtrack is amazing. I borrowed it my mate when I served in the Air Force and he lost it.

Rocky. Now this guy doesn’t need much introduction. He is the champ. I like all the movies but growing up, my favourite was always Rocky iv. This was another movie where I would copy the training scenes. Its brilliant. Rocky iii was really good too with Hulk Hogan and Mr T in it but for my liking, it lacked the training scene. I used to listen to the awesome soundtrack whilst copying all the training scenes from all my favourite movies.

Lethal Weapons, Die Hard’s, and the majority of Movies that the actors I mentioned above made are all great though. I could go on forever but I will leave it at there.

I will get my sons and Duane to give me their favourite movies growing up too but for now, thank you for reading.

Please let me know your favourite movies growing up and why.

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