My Journey For A Better Life

The Beginning

At the beginning of the year and after many months of my sons asking, I finally made a YouTube Channel. They wanted us to make videos about our hobbies and vlog about our days out. Being a geek I decided to make movie related videos as well as gaming ones and capture our memories from our adventures together.

Then I decided to create a website so we could add more to it. Videos, pictures and things to read. This is where I came across a thing called affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Well without going into to much detail, you can earn money by linking products in your videos, Vlogs and Blogs and directing people who click on them to another place. Then if they were to purchase that or anything else in some cases, You would earn a commission. They don’t get charged any extra at all and you earn for simply sending them there. Lots of big companies such as Amazon and Ebay do it.

How Much?

To sign up, most are free. Some require you to have a website, but not all. How much you can earn is entirely up to you and how hard you want to work. This isn’t a get rich quick thing and there is no such thing anyway. You don’t need to be an expert either. I’m certainly not and I have earned money doing this.

I have been learning as I go this year with it all and I have realised you can actually make some serious money doing it. I’ve only made £500+ in profit so far and no way have I been working to my full potential.

My Plan

I have gotten myself a mentor who is highly recommended. I plan to fully commit myself to his training and coaching and by working with him, I am going to earn some serious money.

What you might think.

You might think I’m silly, you might think I live in dreamland. You might even think, hey I am interested in seeing how I  get on. People thought I wouldn’t get many YouTube subscribers because they thought our videos were rubbish. Well they were wrong, it hasn’t been a year yet and we are on 715. Once we get 1000 we start earning. Some channels take years and years to get there. We will do it.

My Goal

I am going all in with this and I want to be earning £3000 a month around April. Then by this time next year, I will have quit my current job and doing this full time earning a very comfortable income. I could earn more before April but that is my goal for now.

What Happens Now

I will be creating a Facebook group about Business and Affiliate Marketing, sharing my progress, what I’ve learnt and hopefully helping others along the way with videos, posts and resources.

I will post it on my wall once it is ready but in the meantime, please get in touch if you are interested to learn more.

The End

In the end, I will live and have a wealthy life. I will have an empire to leave my sons who are my daily motivation to succeed in life.

A dream is only a dream if you believe it to be just that.

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