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Welcome to our Patreon page.

About us

My proudest moment was becoming a dad to my two son’s. They are my absolute world and ever since they were born, I have loved planning things for us to do. Creating memories and having adventures with them is what life is all about. I just wish I had recorded videos to capture it all.

Then one day, my son’s came to me asking if we can make a YouTube channel and make vlogs about our life, our adventures as well as trying to make others smile. Although I wasn’t 100% sure on the idea at first, I still said yes as It gave us more opportunities to create more memories together and capture it all on video.

Now I am loving it, we all are and our goal is to create better content and to grow as a family based community, bringing smiles, ideas and creativity to everyone.

The Team

In our team, There is myself, Jay. I work on average, 12 hours a day driving tipper wagons to various sites. During the day I don’t get much time to do anything on our channel apart from post videos on social medias trying to find new subscribers. Once I come home I try my best to do as much as I can before bed. I am also dad to two of the groups members.

Lucas is my oldest son, now a teenager and a keen gamer. Loves Fortnite, Call of Duty and GTA.

Logan is just starting secondary school and is the joker of the group. He will be silly just like me and helps out a lot.

Duane is one of my best friends who is basically part of our family. He isn’t tech savvy but stars in our videos when needed. Helps out with the photography too with his camera. He is also starting a course at collage soon to improve his camera skills.

As you can see, We are only a small channel but we appreciate and love all our subscribers. You are part of our family and we want to say Thank you for all your support. Just by being on this page means so much to us.

If you decide to join us, we promise to try our very best to make you smile and laugh at our videos.

​What is Patreon?

Patreon is a membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service. It is also a way for artists to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or “patrons.

Why Sign up? 

  • You get Patreon only content.
  • We will communicate with you, ask your advice and see what you want us to create.
  • First view of all videos before we upload them to YouTube.
  • Your name on the end credits of one of our videos.
  • We can add a short video clip into one of our guess the movie videos from you. Be in the video.
  • You can be mentioned in one of our silly news videos.
  • We will hold Q&A’s with you.
  • We will do live chats about movies and games.
  • Plus there will be more and more added as we move forward.
  • We will make silly videos of everyday items (like we did with the hair gel) from your choice of item.

Some of these will be based on which tier you choose and will not be available in every tier.

Why do we want the support?

I am the only one who works out of the team and pretty much the only one who does everything like creating these videos, coming up with the ideas, editing and promoting the videos. It can all be a bit much after a long day at work. Patreon can help with this by giving us support.

I love our channel and want to take it further and further, I want to buy props to make the scenes more realistic. We want to buy outfits and costume accessories to give it a more professional feel to it, and to dress up of course. I want to buy better equipment such as lighting, microphones,  A proper camera and a green screen so I can add special effects to them. We want to amaze you.

Most of all though, I want to be able to hire some staff. To help make more content, better content and to help take it forward. I want to give more to our fans on a regular basis and come up with newer ideas.

Our Goals

We would like to one day be able to rent or even own our own place where we can call it our studio. A place that we can work at and do our filming using different scenes, props and special effects to make awesome videos for you all. A place where we can keep all our equipment set up and ready to make new content all the time. Somewhere where fans can come to visit, take a tour of the sets, interact with the team and maybe star in a video too.

Thank you

We would like to say a massive thank you for even reading our patreon page and for finding our page in the first place. We appreciate that you might not want to commit for the long term and we will still be making videos and other content for all our channels and websites for you to enjoy anyway. So if you support us by donating as little as a dollar and then decide you no longer wish to pay, that is totally fine. We appreciate any support you give us. So from our hearts, Thank you once again for being Awesome.

We hope you will join our community and be part of our family. Here is a link to our Patreon page. Patreon




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