We are off to the Cinema again, to watch Rampage this time and to give a little before and after review. Once again there is my sons Lucas, Logan, myself and our good friend Duane.


We are watching Rampage with one of our favourite actors in, Dwayne Johnson. Plus for all you Walking Dead fans, it has Jeffery Dean Morgan who plays negan in it. We already know what the basics of the movie is about but we are still excited to watch it.

the rock jeffery

I know it’s about a big Ape who is much bigger than it should be and that there are other animals in it that also get bigger. On our way, we are talking and we know it’s going to be action. We ain’t expecting nothing else and are going for that reason alone. Action, Action, Action.

Here is our reviews on video.

I loved it, we all did. I know some people have given this a bad result but we really loved it and would watch it again. Dwayne Johnson and Jeffery Dean Morgan are great. They work well together and are both really funny in it. It has so much action in it too, so being funny and having action really makes it enjoyable for us. Adding the loud cinema speakers to the equation, especially when the Alligator creature screamed made it awesome. It felt like the whole cinema shook when it screamed. George is so funny and lovable too. The wolf is scary.

It is made from a computer game by the same name but I don’t recall ever playing it myself. I had seen the cover growing up and knew an ape was in it causing havoc but that is all. So even if you didn’t know about the game, it doesn’t matter as the movie itself is straightforward.

george rampagegeorge

There are toys, playsets, posters and soundtracks all out now. Here is the trailer.

Thank you for reading and we hope you liked it. Go and see it, it’s really enjoyable.

Our next movie review will be Avengers: Infinity War and I can’t wait. I love all superhero things but Marvel are excelling at movies and Avengers is awesome. Check out this trailer.

I am geeking out. I am excited to see this and have been waiting a long time. Stay tuned for this review. Subscribe to our emailing list and to our other social media pages for lots more content.

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