Sean Connery Best Movies

Fan or not, you must be feeling very sad about the loss of one of the greatest actors in cinema history, Sean Connery. To remember his work, we present you with a list of his best movies based on reviews and ratings. 

#5 - The Name Of Rose
The Name Of Rose

The film is based on the famous novel by Umberto Eco, and Sean Connery has a protagonist role in the movie. Sean plays an intellectually nonconformist friar that tries to solve some mysteries that happen in his local community.

#4 - Time Bandits
Time Bandits

This fantasy movie has an interesting plot, that most of you already know. Sean plays a member of a time travel pirate gang that inducts a young boy in their team… accidentally.

#3 - The Man Who Would Be King
The Man Who Would Be King

Sean Connery is not the only great actor in this film, as Michael Caine co-star with him. The plot follows two soldiers (Sean and Michael) who decide to stand themselves as “kings” of Kafiristan. Kafiristan had never white visitors in the past, except Alexander the Great…

#2 - Zardoz

Sean Connery plays an assassin on Zardoz, that kills everyone that he’s been commanded to kill. The interesting part is that he receives orders from a floating stone head. Really innovative film for its time!

#1 - Goldfinger

Of course, the list wouldn’t be completed without one of the most characteristics of Sean’s movies. Goldfinger is his third James Bond movie and it’s the best on to watch. Every actor that plays 007 will have Sean as inspiration! 

Sean Connery Best Movies

Sean has surely participated in some of the best movies of classic cinema and gave us many masterpieces to remember. He will be greatly missed!

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