Trending Silly News From Around The World

Hello, I am Bill News and here I bring you all the Trending Silly News from around the world.

In this episode we go live to Guy Onthestreet to catch up on some of the top trending news. News such as Logan Paul’s fight against KSI, in a battle of the YouTubers boxing match. Who will their next opponent might be.

We meet some up and coming artists that will be performing at the JR productions festival. Chatting to them about their musical talents and what their views are.

There is talk about football, weather and all your other news related subjects that are trending right now. Sighting of an alien that has been spotted in the United Kingdom. You will need to watch the video below to see this breaking news though. It’s a must see.

So please watch all the latest, silliest, trending news right now from around the world with your host, Bill News.


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