Snow White

Here we finally bring you Story time, starting with Snow White.

Story time is our new feature where we read children’s stories and rhymes for the younger audience out there. Making this website truly for everyone out there.

Our first story is the very popular and well known Snow White. The beautiful Princess.

Snow white

Snow White and the seven dwarfs is a classic. I think even if you haven’t read the book or seen the Movie you would still know something about it.

Just always be careful taking an apple of an old lady that looks scary.

Snow white

There’s not always a Prince out there to give you a big fat juicy kiss.

Saying that, If you have seven friends like these fellas, you’d be alright in life I think.

Snow White

Can any of you name all seven of them? Have a go, leave a comment below and see how well you know this fairy tale. I think I can remember a few of them.

Snow White

This fairy tale story has been in books, on the big screens and even made in to toys and plays.

Here are some affiliate links, they will direct you to Amazon and I may get a commission.

Dolls, Movies, Playsets, Night light, Clothing and so much more.

We just had to start with this one for our feature. We will read new stories each week and today, Logan wanted to read it. It will let him contribute to the website and lets him practice his reading skills. Helping him improve his reading and speaking for school which is also Very important later in life.

We started off with me talking to some of our own little friends, before Logan took the seat and read to all the young ones.

Mr Blobby UK and American

Superted UK and American

Yoda UK and American

Darth Vader UK and American

Iggle Piggle UK and American

Annoying orange UK and American

We hope to bring smiles to everyone and know how nice it can be having a story read to us. So we hope you all enjoy it.

Here is the video.

Thank you for reading and watching this video. We hope you have enjoyed this post and look forward to our next one.

Have a nice day and night.


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