Behind The Scenes Of The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding came and me and my sons wanted to do our very own Behind the scenes of the Royal Wedding. So In this video we act out our very own big day and have fun doing it. We hope it brings you a smile too as that is the main thing. We wanna entertain you with our silly ways.

The royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding was watched by millions around the world and looked like it were an amazing day. We hope our behind the scenes of the royal wedding will be as big as a hit as that one.

So instead of me going on and on, please watch our video and leave a comment. Thank you.

Who played who?

We didn’t actually play any of the real royals, We played our own characters.

I played the King, King Roberts 1st, Logan, my son played the servant and the peasant. Whilst my other son Lucas played the jester and the friar.

I Like joking to them saying I am the king, so I had to play this part. Although I do think I’m funny so should of been the jester.

I thought about making this video weeks ago but decided to release it around the same time as the actual wedding.

Growing up as a kid, I loved all the medieval things and always wanted to travel back in time to visit them times. I still like it all now so making this video was fun. I just wish we had an actual castle. That would of been awesome. Maybe I will search for one that we can make another one.

Maybe Robin Hood next as I love that movie and it is medieval. Lets wait and see. It could be first knight and I play Richard Gere’s character and do the gauntlet. that would make a good video.

Thanks for watching and reading, I hope you enjoyed it and please check out our YouTube channel for more videos.


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