The Simpsons

Everybody loves the Simpsons, If you don’t then this post probably isn’t for you. That being said, I hope after this we can change your mind.

The Simpsons board game is one of the latest instalments to game time. A time where me, my sons and sometimes our friends compete to become champion. Who will be victorious in this battle. If history is to go by, then it will be Lucas. Seeing as he has won the previous two games.

So, here we are, The Simpsons board game. Where we bring our favourite yellow family to the board. You get to choose one of them too, how good is that. I am always Homer, he is the best. Doh!

The Simpsons

This is what it looks like. You start in the middle from the couch and move around the boards middle section. There are six individual games around the middle that you get sent to play, these can be really fun. As you will get to see in the video.


This is a blurry picture of Duane pretending to fall over. He had the challenge to do it from one of the cards from the game.

This was me doing some challenge from Moe’s tavern. You get to see it in the video and smile at how silly we are.

Out of the six individual games, I like Moe’s Tavern the best as you have to sing or do silly things. You have to answer questions about the show at the school, spin the wheel on the school trip and go up the chutes at the power plant.

Here is the video, We hope you enjoy it and smile at how silly we are.

The Simpsons

So the Winner isn’t Lucas. Shocking right? His friend Marcus came first. He is the champion. Lucas came second, Logan third, Duane fourth and me, Jay came last.

We hope you enjoyed our latest post and look forward to many more games to come.

Thank you.


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