The World Cup 2018

The World cup 2018 kicked off today in Russia with the hosts taking on Saudi Arabia. The opening game is normally a dull game, but today’s game was really entertaining and it finished 5-0. Yes that’s right, 5-0.

So we have come up with an idea and jumping on the World cup hype by having our own games and features.

We will play on fifa as the same teams the night before and predict the results for the next day’s matches.

This post will be updated daily so we can add everyday’s videos.

We made a little video of us unveiling the flag that we put on our YouTube channel this morning, here it is.

I get so happy and excited when major events like this come around. I am so passionate and despite the negative people, I am always hopeful and positive that we will do well. The atmosphere is awesome and everyone is in a great mood. Well until we get beat haha. Its all good though.

Is your country in the world cup? Comment below please so we can have some friendly football banter.

World Cup Predictions

So Our first match we played is Uruguay vs Egypt. We flipped a coin and the winner got to choose which team he would play as. Logan won and chose to be Uruguay. Lucas got to be Egypt.

We couldn’t play as Saudi Arabia and Russia for the first match as it had already been played, plus we only had FIFA 15 and it doesn’t have some of the countries in. What will we do? We will buy fifa 18.

fifa 18   fifa 18

We now have Fifa 18 and can now be every team in the World cup 2018. Happy days. It wasn’t much either as soon, fifa 19 will be out. Plus there is a special world cup update on it so bonus.

So here is the Uruguay vs Egypt match with Lucas and Logan.

The final result and our prediction for tomorrows game is Uruguay 5-3 Egypt. Well done to Logan for his victory.

The next match will be Spain vs Portugal with Lucas as Spain and Logan as Portugal. We are playing this on fifa 15 whilst fifa 18 installs. I can’t wait to watch the proper match tomorrow. Its on at 7pm UK time. It’s going to be a really good game. Is there any matches that you are looking forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments below.

The final result is Spain 11-4 Portugal, Lucas stepped up his game for this one and won easily. Well done, it is now 1-1 between the brothers. The final game of Morocco vs Iran which is on fifa 18 will be the final game for tonight and the final game between the brothers. Who will win and be victorious. Lucas or Logan?.

Here is Morocco vs Iran.

So the result was Morocco 3-1 Iran and Lucas was the winner once more.

How did we do?

So we predicted the following results and we will put the actual results next to them.

Uruguay 5-3 Egypt was our prediction and Uruguay 1-0 Egypt was the actual result.

Morocco 3-1 Iran was our prediction and Morocco 0-1 Iran was the actual result.

Portugal 4-11 Spain was our prediction and Portugal 3-3 Spain was the actual result.

As you can see we were way off with our predictions, so better luck next time when we do tomorrows games.

As a kid, I used to love getting a sticker book. I would stick them in ever so carefully and any sticker i had more than once, I would swap them with friends for ones i needed. The shiny ones was worth more so you had to barter with them. Here is a video of us getting one for the world cup.

Here are the four games for today in the order that they will be played and our predictions.

Here are the results from these games.

Our prediction for France v Australia is France 3-2 Australia. The result was….. 2-1

Our prediction for Peru v Denmark is Peru 1-1 Denmark. The result was….. 0-1

Our prediction for Argentina v Iceland is Argentina 1-1 Iceland. The result was….. 1-1

Our prediction for Croatia v Nigeria is Croatia 1-1 Nigeria. The result was….. 2-0

Now for the next day

Our prediction for Serbia v Costa Rica is Serbia 0-4 Costa Rica. The result was….. 1-0

Our prediction for Mexico v Germany is Mexico 1-3 Germany. The result was….. 1-0

Our prediction for Brazil v Switzerland is Brazil 1-1 Switzerland. The result was….. 1-1

Yay we got another one correct. Well done to us haha.

Next day

Monday’s games are what me and the boys have been waiting for, the England match to be precise. We are excited but nervous for the match, the hype that gets built up for England is so good. I cant wait. Here are our games.

Our prediction for Sweden v South Korea is Sweden 1-0 South Korea.  The result was…. 1-0

Our prediction for Tunisia v England is Tunisia 0-2 England. The result was….. 1-2 

This is the reaction after the England match in a local pub. The reaction when we scored the winning goal was out of this world. Awesome.

We are very sorry but we forgot the Belgium vs Panama video. The result was…. 3-0.

Tuesday’s games

Here are the games for today.

Our prediction for Russia v Egypt is Russia 2-2 Egypt. The result was….. 3-1

Our prediction for Colombia v Japan is Colombia 3-1 Japan. The result was….. 1-2

Our prediction for Poland v Senegal is Poland 3-0 Senegal. The result was….. 1-2

Wednesday’s games

Our prediction for Portugal v Morocco is Portugal 4-0 Morocco. The result was….. 1-0

Our prediction for Uruguay v Saudi Arabia is Uruguay 3-0 Saudi Arabia. The result was….. 1-0

Our prediction for Iran v Spain is Iran 1-5 Spain. The result was….. 0-1

Thursdays games.


Our prediction for Denmark v Australia is Denmark 4-0 Australia. The result was….. 1-1

Our prediction for France v Peru is France 2-1 Peru. The result was….. 1-0

Our prediction for Argentina v Croatia is Argentina 0-1 Croatia. The result was…..

Friday 22nd June games.

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