Top 10 Adventure Movies of All Time

Adventure Movies
(A video made by Moviesgamesbeyond on  YouTube)


Are you a big fan of the adventure genre just like me? If yes, then this blog is for you! We’re gonna talk about the video that was made by a YouTube channel named Moviesgamesbeyond which is all about the top 10 adventure movies of all time. If you’re ready to talk about these movies then let’s go and assemble in this blog!


I am a very big fan of the adventure genre especially if it has a mix of action, fantasy, suspense, mystery, and depth stories. But what do you think are the best top 10 adventure movies of all time? These past few days, I got introduced to the YT channel of Moviesgamesbeyond which has a video that tackles the said topic and gave a list of their top 10 based on their own opinion.

Now, I want to analyze this video based on my own opinion.


Let’s get it on!

Thor Ragnarok Adventure Movies

10. Thor Ragnarok

The channel Moviesgamesbeyond ranked Thor Ragnarok as the Top 10 best adventure movies of all time. Well, I agree with this to be included at the top. Among all the Thor movies, it is my favorite Thor movie of all and second most favorite when it comes to MCU movies. The movie Thor Ragnarok gave me a feeling of wanting more like it is just too beautiful that I crave something more. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston’s brotherhood chemistry is undeniable. These two match each other so much whether it’s about fighting or comedy scenes. Even Tessa Thompson did a great job on this! And Cate Blanchett, well, what more to expect she’s already amazing! Oh, and almost forgot, I also love the way how Mark Ruffalo’s character Hulk gave out the comedy scenes like it even makes the movie more wonderful. I just think that it should be on the higher rank but well, we all have different opinions so it’s fine. I strongly believe that this movie is just perfect and I love it!


Pirates of the Caribbean Adventure Movies

9. Pirates of the Caribbean

Ooh, one of the best movies that I’ve watched so far – Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp was so great in here and he exceeds my expectations! Oh My God, he is so amazing! I am speechless by this movie. It deserves to be at the top!


The Adventures of Tintin

8. The Adventures of Tintin

Hmmm 🤔. Never heard of this movie but seeing it to be included in the top 10 and even higher than Thor Ragnarok and Pirates of the Caribbean, then I guess it’s a great movie after all! I think I will give it a try and watch this also.


The Mummy

7. The Mummy

I remembered this movie, I watched it when I was a child and I can feel the nostalgia, WOW! This movie has one of my favorite Hollywood actresses and that is Rachel Weisz. I think it’s also one of the reasons why I love it. The story of this movie is great and it is even popular in my country – the Philippines!


6. Up

Up Adventure Movies

Ahh!!! Oh My God, I screamed when I saw it. It is one of my favorite animations of all time. I love this movie a lot! This is the kind of movie that when you watch it, you’ll get a lot of life lessons that you can apply in real life. I watched it when I was a child and rewatched it last year and I can still feel amazing. It never gets old. It’s like wine, the longer it is, the better it tastes. And just like Thor Ragnarok, I also feel that it should be higher on the list but then again, it is just my opinion.


5. The Goonies

The Goonies

Well, just like The Adventures of Tintin, I also don’t know about this movie then I guess I will watch it also. And with the rank, I think I would give it to you since I haven’t watched it yet.


The Man Who Would Be King

4. The Man Who Would Be King

I guess it’s another movie that I didn’t know 😅. Maybe I really should watch this movie also. I’m getting curious about what kind of movie will it be and what makes it amazing.


3. Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

This movie has become a part of my childhood as I watched this way back in 2009 or 2010 on a DVD that my father owned. This is the movie that I would never expect that I will like. One of the best of the best, after all!


The Lord Of The Rings

2. The Lord Of The Rings

Oooh… the epic high fantasy. I love this movie because of the depth of the story and as well as because it is an adventure, fantasy, and action genre. My family has a complete set of DVDs of the Lord Of The Rings film series and I’m about to buy all the books of this written by J. R. R. Tolkien. That’s just how much I love this movie.

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Adventure Movies
1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Another movie directed by Peter Jackson just like Indiana Jones and The Lord Of The Rings. Well for me, what would you expect from the one and only PETER JACKSON?! I mean, every movie he has are just all amazing. I love all his movies!


This list that Moviesgamesbeyond made is wonderful although I expect that Toy Story Franchise, Jumanji Franchise, Journey 2, Jurassic World, Kong Skull Island, Godzilla vs Kong, some of MCU movies, Alita, Suicide Squad, Aquaman, Bumblebee, Frozen franchise, Despicable Me franchise, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, and more. But I understand that not all of these can enter the top 10 as there are so many amazing adventure movies out there that it is hard to choose what movie will enter the top 10. All in all, it’s a great list!


How about what you, what are your thoughts about this list? Do you think some movie should’ve made it? And what are your favorites among these list? Let us know in the comment section!


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