Top 5 Episodes Of The Boys

The Boys is one of the most popular and best rating series available in Amazon Prime. If you are a fan or not, we are sure you will enjoy our Top 5 Episodes Of The Boys (of the show) article. Let’s jump into it.

5) Cherry
The Boys - Cherry

Cherry is the first episode of season 2.

The episode shows how Hughie with Billy and Frenchie treats their prisoner, Translucent. Homelander chases them, through the episode, and at the end of it, he almost achieves it.

The episode has overall a great amount of action and intense scenes.

4) Get Some
The Boys - Get Some

Get Some is the third episode of season 2.

While Shockwave is competing A-Train to find out who is the World’s Faster Man, Boys are finally reunited. If you forgot it, we remember you that Translucent died and the team must decide what they will do next.

The episode also contains a very characteristic scene that combines sex with death. That will stay in your memory for sure!

3) Good For The Soul
The Boys - Good for the Soul

Good For The Soul is the fifth episode of season 1.

Almost the whole episode is taking place at the Believe Expo and a lot of things happen between the Boys and the Supes.

The ongoing war against them has become more intense but you should watch it yourself, right?

2) The Self-Preservation Society
The Boys - The Self-Preservation Society

The Self-Preservation Society is the seventeen episode of season 1.

The episode mainly features the betrayal of a washed-up Supe to the Boys. In this episode we also have a look into Homerlander’s past and meanwhile, we see Hughie and Annie hooking up.

Pretty interesting!

1) You Found me
The Boys - You Found Me

You Found Me is the eighth episode of season 1.

The finale episodes of a series are usually the best and that’s the case too with “The Boys”. In the last episode of season 1, a lot of things are revealed and a lot of plot twists are finally sorted out.

We have a big taste of conflicts too and what that means is a lot of…..ACTION!

Top 5 Episodes Of The Boys

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Top 5 Episodes Of The Boys

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