Top 5 Hallmark Movies For 2020 (So Far)

2020 was for sure not the best year for cinema productions due to the global pandemic of coronavirus.

Streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc were greatly raised through our quarantine routine. Except for them, the Hallmark channel became more famous and gave us a lot of great movies throughout the year.

So, we should not lose more time, let’s jump into our TOP 5 movies list of hallmark movies for 2020. 

5) Bad Date Chronicles

Bad Date Chronicles

Bad Date Chronicles was released back on February (29) of the year.

Merrit Patterson and Justin Kelly star in this film! The plot focuses on Leigh, a young woman that creates a website, in which people can share their story about their worst dates.

It’s pretty interesting and worth trying!

4) A Valentine’s Match

A Valentine’s Match

Released in February too (1) the film is obviously a romance film.

The main protagonist, Natalie Simmons, is played by Bethany Joy Lenz, and she is doing a great job!

The plot has to do with Natalie, a middle-age woman that after losing her job, is forced to take on the town festival for Valentine Day.

Oh, and we didn’t mention that she has to do it with… her ex-fiancé!

3) You’re Bacon Me Crazy

You're Bacon Me Crazy Final Image Assets

The movie was released in the middle of the pandemic, more specifically “You’re Bacon Me Crazy” was released on April 4.

Starring Natalie Hall and Michael Rady, the film shows us the story of a chef that takes part in a cooking competition.

While she is doing her best to win, another participant is trying his best to win her heart…

It’s a total romance with a lot of humor!

2) Matching Hearts

Matching Hearts

Matching Hearts was released on February 8 (yes, we know February was a great month for Hallmark releases!)

Taylor Cole and Ryan Paevey are the main stars of this romantic movie.

The plot follows a matchmaker who is trying to find a partner for an entrepreneur who thinks that relationships only damage businesses.

Pretty funny and entertaining!

1) Hearts of Winter

Hearts of Winter

Our number one is the oldest film on our list, as it was released on January 25.

The main stars are Jill Wagner, Victor Webster, Rukiya Bernard.

“Heats of Winter,” tells us the story of an interior designer that, while doing her job, participates in a crazy and complicated love story.

The movie got us through a lot of great feelings and is our top recommendation for Hallmark fans!

That was our “TOP 5 Hallmark movies of 2020” list!

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