Top 5 Halloween Movies on Netflix

Netflix is a great company for every season and holiday, Christmas, Easter, and of course Halloween. For every fan of Halloween movies or a Netflix-addict, here is our TOP-5 list of the best Halloween movies on Netflix.

5 - Fractured

Fracted is the definition of a thriller!


The movie combines a crazy good dose of action, mystery, and fear. Sam Worthington is doing an awesome job as the main character of the story, a dad that after an overnight at a hospital, loses his daughter and wife.

4 - In the Tall Grass

Stephen King…that’s all!

In the Tall Grass

Halloween movies list without Stephen King is a shame, right? In the Tall Grass is a great horror drama film that is based on one of his novels. The story follows two siblings that save a lost boy near their farm, but “lost” isn’t the right word to describe him…

3 - In the Shadow of the Moon

This isn’t a common crime film.

In the Shadow of the Moon

In the Shadow of the Moon seems like a normal detective film at the beginning, but the plot is way more interesting. A police officer is chasing a female serial-killer who kills a victim every 9 years. Many unexplained things happen through his effort to caught her.

2 - Rattlesnake

Spoiler: contains a big amount of suspense.


Rattlesnake must be the best movie on the list for thriller fans. Suspense is the main factor in the movie. Carmen Ejogo plays a mother whose daughter’s life was saved by a stranger. After that, the stranger demands from the mother to kill somebody else in exchange for his act.

1 - Hubie Halloween

Adam Sandler in its finest!

Hubie Halloween

After finding out that monsters do exist, Hubie Dubois (played by Adam Sandler) tries to convince everyone that they’re in danger. Kevin James also plays in the film, and guess what? He’s the cop of the town!

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