Top 5 Michael Bay Movies Ever

Michael Bay is for sure one of the most talented directors and producers in the history of cinema. Fan or not, we must all admire that he has made some amazing movies that are considered “classics” in 2020. In this article, we have listed his TOP 5 movies, based on our opinion!

5 - Transformers

Although the franchise doesn’t stand very well now, as you may know, it went amazingly well in its first movie. The ratings were very good for a movie that is based so much on special effects and the plot is very interesting too. May alien robots that transform into vehicles sounds like crazy characters for a blockbuster movie, but Michael Bay achieved to make it serious, entertaining, and with a lot of action!

4 - Bad Boys
Bad Boys

Many believe that this film, defined the style of Michael Bay as a director, and we can’t disagree. Bad Boys is one of his first movies that did very well both at the box office and on people’s reviews. Will Smith performed amazingly well too! The result is a great, classic action movie to watch.

3 - Pain and Gain
Pain and Gain

Another movie on the list that has a very famous cast. In Pain & Gain both Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson star. Anthony Mackie also plays in the movie, although he wasn’t so famous back then. The movie is funny, full of action and… muscles!

2 - Armageddon

You probably already know Armageddon, so we won’t say much about this masterpiece of Michael Bay. For 1998, Armageddon was a sci-fi movie with a very cool plot, amazing cast, and even greater effects. We enjoy it every time we watch it!

1 - The Rock
The Rock

The Rock is just awesome! If you watched it you will surely know that it is really different from most of the action movies you have watched before. Adventure and thrill are also parts of the film and Sean Connery with Nicolas Cage and Ed Harris makes the overall experience even better!

That was our TOP 5 list about Michael Bay’s best movies ever. If you enjoyed it, be sure to watch our more detailed YouTube video HERE!

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