Top 5 Thanksgiving Movies

Thanksgiving is a great time to watch movies with your family, but with so many options, you may have a hard time choosing the right one. To help you out, we have gathered the best movies you can watch on Thanksgiving Day!

5 - The Blind Side (2009)
The Blind Side

The Blind Side is a great movie with stunning performances from all the cast. After a mother finds a 17-year-old homeless boy, standing alone outside at night, she decides to make him a part of her family. The Thanksgiving dinner that all the family takes together, is the first one for the young boy and it means a lot to him!

4 - Tower Heist (2011)
Tower Heist

Tower Heist’s plot is really amazing. It follows the story of a group of workers that organize a robbery, during the Thanksgiving parade that takes place near their target. Great cast and amazing pick for the day!

3 - Free Birds (2013)
Free Birds

You may think that we picked it only between Turkeys are the main characters of the animation, but that’s not true… at least 100%… The film is actually very funny and entertaining. The story moves around some turkeys that try to change the tradition of Thanksgiving, by returning to the past, when the tradition firstly created!

2 - Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow
Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow

As puppets are a perfect fit for Thanksgiving day, a movie that contains puppets couldn’t miss from the list! Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow is a great family film with humor and adventure. The plot follows two kids that decide to find the truth about a local myth in their area.

1 - Krisha (2016)

Krisha isn’t the traditional Thanksgiving movie you watch with your family every year, but it is actually a masterpiece. Nominated for countless prizes, and won the Grand Jure and Audience Awards at the 2015 South-Southwest Film Festival. The story is about a mother that abandoned her family but comes back on a Thanksgiving day. But that’s the best day for a family to reunite, right? Maybe not…

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