Top 5 Umbrella Academy Episodes of Season 1

The Season 2 of Umbrella Academy has been released on Netflix, but if you haven’t watched it yet and you want a small recap of season 1 before you do, then you can enjoy our article!

We will present you the top 5 episodes of the first season with a small description under them so we can explain the reason we rank it there!

We should mention here that the Umbrella Aacademy is not a typical series of the streaming platform: season 1 has more that 45 million views, a number that is incredible for a new show!

Now we can jump into our top 5.

5) I Hear a Rumour (Episode 8)
5) I Hear a Rumour (Episode 8)

As you can understand from the name of it, this episode focuses on Allison and shows us more things about her abilities, her family and her past in general.

In the other side, we also see Leonard (or Harold) in the hospital as he was injured in the last episodes from the men that (we later find out) was paid (by him) to attack him.

The overall episode is really important to the plot of the season!

4) Extra Ordinary (Episode 3)

The name of the episode here also helps to understand the main plot of it.

It obviously goes around Vanya and her special story. It also shows us a bit more information about the book she wrote and how her family react to it.

The episode helps us a lot understand the character of Vanya through her childhood memories but of course that’s nothing compared to the episodes 9 and 10 where we have a better look about Vanya…

3) Number Five (Episode 5)
Number Five (Episode 5)

It would be shame if in episode 5 we hadn’t a episode with a spotlight on Number Five. And for our luck we have it!

Episode 5 shows us a lot of Number Five’s adventures through the time that make us have a better look about the character and his personality. Really entertaining too!

2) The Day That Wasn’t (Episode 6)

For many fans this episode is really confusing but if you’ve watched the whole series you must know that things will sort out later.

In this episode, The Handler offers a promotion to Number Five that will later accept. In the end of the episode we learn that he had a plan from the start so he can do a lot of damage to commission. A part of the damage he achieved to do, is a result of giving order to Cha-cha to kill Hazel and Hazel to kill Cha-cha.

You must admit it was pretty smart!

1) The White Violin (Episode 10)

As the last episode of the season, The White Violin has a lot of action in it. But we didn’t chose it only for this reason!

We also learned a lot about Vanya in this episode and we finally found out many secrets of the family. The apocalypse had not be interrupted and was happening in front of the Umbrella Academy, so they did their best to stop it….As we know they didn’t achieve it and Number Five was forced to time travel with his siblings to survive!

Episode 10 also sets a very interesting plot for season 2!

Top 5 Umbrella Academy Episodes of Season 1

We hope that our top 5 episodes list helped you remember the season 1 story and plot twists!

If you enjoy the series, we remind you that you can stream Umbrella Academy Season 2 on Netflix right now!

If you want to see a more detailed video about the top 5 episodes of season 1 you can also watch our YouTube video on the same topic.

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