Top 5 Werewolf Movies

As Halloween is near, we thought that now is the greatest time of the year to post our list about the TOP-5 Werewolf Movies ever! Werewolf fans, get ready!

5 - The Twilight Saga: New Moon
5 - The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The New Moon is a movie of the saga that you can’t forget. Many believe that it’s the best of the Twilight films and we surely agree. In this particular film, Bella finds out that Jacob is a werewolf and of course, she is shocked. If you want a mix of werewolves, vampires, and magicians, then you should probably give the saga a try (if you haven’t already)!

4 - Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is the classiest on the list. It follows Scott, a teenage boy that finds out becoming a werewolf is part of his growing. He also finds out a family secret that changes everything about his life!

3 - Van Helsing
Van Helsing

Van Helsing, the famous monster-hunter begins his epic trip to Romania. His goal is to eliminate Dracula and a bunch of other deadly monsters. Hugh Jackman has left his stigma as Van Helsing in this great movie.

2 - The Wolfman
The Wolfman

Anthony Hopkins plays a man, dedicated to find a solution to the curse that haunts his town. The curse makes every human a werewolf during full moons, and besides that, a terrifying monster visits them every once in a while.

1 - Wildling

It may not contain the word “wolf” or the name of a famous beast slayer on its name, but Wildling is on the top of our list for its amazing plot, action, and actors’ performance. Brief plot: a teenage girl, named Anna discovers that the mythical creatures from local legends aren’t so “mythical”…

That was our TOP-5 list for Werewolf movies! If you want more, you can simply watch our TOP-10 list in this video HERE!

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