We went on holiday to Benidorm

We went on holiday to Benidorm. It all started from Logan watching the tv series and asked if we could go. So I told him we would and here is our family holiday to Benidorm. Logan stands outside the Neptunes bar below.

I have been a few times to Benidorm so I didn’t need any survival guides or maps. I wasn’t as excited as the boys were but I was still looking forward to it. On our holiday, there were me, Lucas, Logan and our friend and contributor to moviesgamesbeyond, Duane.

Benidorm housecare 

We got up early, got a taxi to the Airport and this is what our holiday was like, including our tall hotel with lifts that Logan loved. We hope you enjoy.

Did you like it? Well that wasn’t just it. We have a couple more videos and some pictures to share with you all.


neptunes pool bar golf  jay roberts power punch

 lucas big duane hotel bali logan Benidorm

We did lots on the holiday and here are some more videos that we made.

This was really good fun but oh my, it was tiring. I definitely need to get fit before my next boat trip. It was fun though.

When it comes to Things like this, I am a big kid. I just love it all and I will try anything once. The red slide in the picture is so high. When you go on it, you stand on this platform and then the floor just opens making you fall down the slide. It was amazing. I went on it twice and can’t wait to go again. Water Parks and Theme Parks are the best.

We played crazy golf, or mini golf which ever you prefer to call it and it was a fun game. I lost lots of footage so the video is short, but if you have played it before, you’ll know how good it is.


So this was our holiday to Benidorm, Did we enjoy it? Would we go again? Honestly the answer to both questions is yes. Of course we enjoyed it and we are booked already to go again in 2019. We will be staying at a different hotel this time just to see other places. The hotel Gran Bali which is where we stayed this time was very lovely. The food was really good, the pool was big and it had amazing views. Our only concern was the hotel was quite far out from where we liked to go and we had to get taxis. Other than that, it was a really nice hotel.

We hope you enjoyed this post and our videos. Thank you very much for reading it.

Have you got any holiday stories? Have you been to Benidorm? Comment below and let us know.

Thanks again.

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