Worst pain ever

Worst pain ever probably gets said a lot of times, but having an abscess really is the worst in my opinion. Now below I will post my video that shows it day by day. It got worse as the week goes on, but I am not here to talk about the abscess or the worst pain ever.

I want to talk about the movies I could be in with this swollen face. Could I be a character who gets beaten up in movies like Rocky, Drive, Casino, Irreversible and Bloodsport?. There are millions of movies that I could play that part in. I wouldn’t need any special effects or makeup on either. Bonus.

Could I be in horror movies as it looked pretty scary? Can I be the next sloth from the Goonies?. Brilliant Movie by the way and it should be in my favourite movies growing up list. The Chinese kid was my favourite.

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Here is the video. Which day do you think was the worst?

Worst pain ever

I hope I didn’t scare you too much. I didn’t think the pain would ever go away.

Which movies do you think I would make a good part? In my opinion, more of a character who gets hit would suit me the most. It does look a little scary, but being hit wins as the face is swollen. There are lots of fight scenes too.

Do you think there any other type of movies that I could play, other than the ones I mentioned above? I suppose you can’t get better effects than the real life effect, plus it would save them a fortune.

What do you think? Have you ever had an injury that you could play a character in? Get in touch and let me know as I’d like to know.

Thanks for reading.


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